Quad City Spring has closed its doors permanently. Thank you to all our customers for being a part of our journey for so long.

About us

Established 1989

A Long History and a New Start in the Quad Cities

In 2016, after many years of working primarily in the Ag and Transportation and Industrial industries, Wesley Nutt purchased Quad City Spring. This service and upfitting shop has been a go-to place for exceptional solutions for truck, trailer and work van owners in the Quad Cities since 1989. QC Spring has both the ability and the access to products to upfit your vehicle with equipment that makes your work more productive and your leisure time more enjoyable.

Steel transmission or power tower and power lines against sunset
View from above of border between agricultural meadow and nature reserve
Red harvester in Quad Cities wheat field on sunny day
A row of four silver metal silos against a blue sky
Why We’re Here

Superior Customer Service is Always our Goal

Our goal is to be exceptionally responsive to our customers’ needs and wants. We use the knowledge and experience of our employees and suppliers and work to provide exceptional products and service for many more years to come!

Shop hours

Mon – Fri:
8AM – 4PM

Call us

(309) 762-2956
Toll Free: (800) 397-7901

quad city spring

Located in Moline, IL, Quad City Spring has access to an impressive inventory of quality truck, van, suspension, snow plow, hitch, and trailer accessories to get you up and running as fast as possible. Give us a call!